I’m a Writer… I Didn’t go to Business School!


More and more these days authors are multitasking. Between social media, advertising, and managing a business. It’s a wonder anything gets written at all. The other day, a writer I know, was freaking out because they had been asked by an agent to come up with a strategic marketing plan. A what? STRATEGIC… MARKETING… WHAH?! In case you’re clueless, I’ve thrown up a little video to further confuse you.

Now, that you have some idea of what you’re coming up with, where do you start? I found this amazing article by Startup Nation that explains what your plan should look like. You might want to bookmark this for future information.

Isn’t the internet awesome? Everything’s at your fingertips these days. If you’re trying to go the traditional route, you better familiarize yourself with the business side of expectations and what you’ll be asked to come up with. It’s never fun to try to learn something new, but being aware of what’s expected is necessary as a writer today.



Jennifer Bennett

About Jennifer Bennett

Jennifer J. Bennett was born in Southern California as the youngest of six children. Her imagination began to develop as a child creating worlds in her backyard. Books have always played a big role in her life; favorites growing up were “The Country Bunny” by Dubose Heyward, “The Light in the Attic”by Shel Silverstein, and “Island of the Blue Dolphins” by Scott O’ Dell among many, many others. She also enjoys music, theater, travel, and cooking.

Jennifer moved from Southern California in 1989 and finished high school in Southern Utah where she met her husband Matthew Bennett who currently works in educational administration. They reside in St. George, Utah with four amazing kids: Haylee, Chase, Conner, and Libby. After her father was diagnosed with cancer, she began writing her first novel, “The Path”. Her father encouraged her to move forward with her writing and she has continued since. He passed away in 2009.

Jen, as her friends call her; can be found buzzing around California from time to time in search of magical elements from the past. She tries to balance fun, being a mom, and trying to be a grownup (which she really isn’t sure she ever wants to be).

Visit Jen’s blog at: http://www.jjbennett.com/


Darn. I can't use that excuse. Though frankly, if you're going the self-publishing route you should probably know something about business, too. Like it or not, you're a small business, and need to start thinking in those terms. Otherwise you're a hobbyist, and hobbies rarely pay for themselves.