Episode #32 – It’s Okay to Suck

This episode started off all right. The point we were trying to make is that it is okay to write a terrible first draft because the only person who will see it is you (and probably the NSA). Afterward, fix everything in the revision process before you start showing people.

We managed to keep things serious… until about the 6:00 mark. Then things just went downhill. Tune in for some good writing advice followed by a train wreck.

Sadly, this gives you an idea of how things are after the mic is turned off.

Edit: I found this while cleaning out my old pictures:



It came from a NaNoWriMo pep talk from Brandon Sanderson, lesson #4

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Kim Raya
Kim Raya

LOL! "and "probably the NSA"..."James, how do you stay on top of your wit? You're a hoot!