Episode #35 – Dialogue and Speech Tags with Larry Correia


Larry Correia (pronounced Korea, like the country) is a retired merchant of death, firearms instructor, and accountant. He also write’s kick-ass books that combines his love of magic and blowing things to hell. You can visit his blog and learn more about him at http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/.

About James Duckett

James is a geeky, nerdy dude. He writes, sometimes. He blogs, sometimes. He's helpful to people, sometimes. He doesn't like to repeat himself, sometimes. He's funny... looking... always.

His hopes and aspirations of the future is to one day find a way that people will pay him while he sleeps. It is his dream job.

Dave H
Dave H

I like the technique of interrupting a line of speech with an action, when it's appropriate. Most people are doing -something- else while they speak. I find it an interesting point of characterization to see what it is they do without thinking, that leaves their minds free to converse. Many of Larry's Monster Hunter International characters reload their weapons, for example, because they're seasoned fighters. A rookie Hunter might not think about it, and suddenly be reminded to do so when she sees a veteran reload while complaining about the traffic on the way to work that morning.