The Writing World is Going Hybrid

authorreport2_cover_2About three weeks ago I attended LTUE and the buzz with everyone, published or unpublished, was about hybrid authors. If you haven’t heard the term, it’s someone who has traditionally published works as well some that are indie-published. Years ago you wouldn’t have heard authors doing such things. But these days, it’s becoming more and more popular.

Why might a traditionally published author go indie? Very simply, they believe there’s a market for the book when traditional publishers may not. The market might be small on some projects and the revenues in traditional publishing may not be the best fit for a project.

So, instead of writers writing a book and then picking how they want to distribute the work, writers are letting their works speak for themselves and determine what market the work is suited for.

Publishers Weekly wrote this article not too long ago on this very topic. You can read it here to see how the industry is looking at this idea. If you subscribe to Publishers Weekly there was an article published last month on this very thing.

I came across this video from the Digital Minds Conference 2013 (London) that discusses how the business is changing. There’s some really interesting information in this video. Another website full of help is It’s an outstanding site that’s being funded by the UK for writers.  Check out all the incredible information that’s at your fingertips.  Happy Writing!

Jennifer Bennett

About Jennifer Bennett

Jennifer J. Bennett was born in Southern California as the youngest of six children. Her imagination began to develop as a child creating worlds in her backyard. Books have always played a big role in her life; favorites growing up were “The Country Bunny” by Dubose Heyward, “The Light in the Attic”by Shel Silverstein, and “Island of the Blue Dolphins” by Scott O’ Dell among many, many others. She also enjoys music, theater, travel, and cooking.

Jennifer moved from Southern California in 1989 and finished high school in Southern Utah where she met her husband Matthew Bennett who currently works in educational administration. They reside in St. George, Utah with four amazing kids: Haylee, Chase, Conner, and Libby. After her father was diagnosed with cancer, she began writing her first novel, “The Path”. Her father encouraged her to move forward with her writing and she has continued since. He passed away in 2009.

Jen, as her friends call her; can be found buzzing around California from time to time in search of magical elements from the past. She tries to balance fun, being a mom, and trying to be a grownup (which she really isn’t sure she ever wants to be).

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