Thank you for your support

I’ve written before about the teacher who got me started writing. I didn’t even know I had any talent until she spotted it and encouraged me. Thanks to her I’ve had gained a fair amount of enjoyment through the years. But there are others in my life who deserve as much credit or more.

I speak of the ones who have kept me going.

Cherish your support group
“Frodo wouldn’t have made it very far without Sam…”

There is, of course, my family. Pretty much all of my siblings have encouraged me at one point or another. Most recently my older brother and his wife have not only encouraged me, but actually volunteered to read my stuff. The feedback I received was valuable, even and especially the negative feedback (not presented in a negative way, though). My brother even brainstormed some better approaches with me.

I also received a great deal of encouragement from a friend of mine and his family. They’ve also read my latest completed work and offered feedback. This friend is also quick to kick my butt if I start getting too whiny–or listening too much to criticism, including my inner critic.

And of course there is my wife. I don’t think she’s read any of my work, actually. What I write isn’t really her thing. But her support is much more tangible in many ways. It’s she who helps me find time to keep writing and checks on my progress. She may never read a single novel I write, but she’s still a major partner in this endeavor.

And of course there are my kids. They don’t know they’re encouraging me. They’re curious about what I’m writing, certainly, but they take it for granted that I’m writing at all. Their contribution is to be my kids. It’s important to me to teach them not to give up on your dreams. They can be deferred, refined, and adjusted, but not given up on. I want to succeed as a writer as much to show them anything is possible as for my own gratification.

So, who is your support? Who keeps you going and won’t let you quit? Who sticks by you and refuses to give up, even when you’re ready to give up on yourself? If there’s someone like that in your life cherish them. More importantly, thank them.

Here’s to you, guys!

Thom Stratton

About Thom Stratton

Thom is a Utah transplant, works for a regional bank, and spends his lunch hours working on his latest novel. His wife, three kids, and four pets find him amusing and somewhat useful, so they keep him around.