Episode #55 – Myths of Publishing with Christopher Loke

Christopher Loke

Christopher received his MA in communications and journalism from Utah State University. Right after graduation, he took the position of assistant editor for a major publishing house. He was also chapter president for The League of Utah Writers and a journalist for a local newspaper.

Raised in a traditional Chinese family, Christopher spent most of his childhood evenings listening to his relatives tell stories to each other. In time, he has acquired an ardor for well-told stories, particularly those that tend to touch the human heart, which sparked the beginning of his writing career.

As a writer, Christopher is passionate about good storytelling. He is actively involved in local writing groups and projects. His journalistic works have been featured and discussed in college classrooms across the country. When he is not writing, he dissects social issues and plays with his 6-year-old son.

Christopher currently resides in a quiet neighborhood near a lake in Provo, Utah, with his beloved wife and son. Follow him on his Facebook Page at facebook.com/AuthorChristopherLoke.

About James Duckett

James is a geeky, nerdy dude. He writes, sometimes. He blogs, sometimes. He's helpful to people, sometimes. He doesn't like to repeat himself, sometimes. He's funny... looking... always.

His hopes and aspirations of the future is to one day find a way that people will pay him while he sleeps. It is his dream job.