Winning While We Write!

Yesterday I sent a thank you to KelliAnne and Buster who run an inexpensive online-writing spot called (It’s FREE for a month — after that, $5 a month if you want to keep going.) Writing 750 words a day (or more — sometimes, I wrote thousands! ) on their site, I enjoyed their incentives like online “badges” for reaching particular goals through the 750. You NEVER have to write more than 750 words to “win” for that day. I seldom (any more) write that few. I just played around with it for a while, missing a day or two, here and there. Then I decided to try to lengthen my “streak” to something more substantial. I use the 750 to write journals, blogs, book/story ideas, notes from workshops, actual chapters or sections of books, schedules, etc. Not to mention its being just a place to let off some steam about something that’s got me riled.

NO ONE ever sees what you write . . . though I suppose you could make a copy and send it to a friend (or an enemy?) if you wanted to. The idea is to promise yourself to write AT LEAST 750 words a day. Of ANYthing. How tough is that? They often post encouraging words from other site members — but only when the member has SPECIFICALLY written kudos to them, or to all the writers on the site.

Every month, they host a challenge you can sign up for to try to write your 750 for one FULL MONTH without breaking your “streak”. I have NEVER started a daily 750 without doing AT LEAST that many words, though in the first month or two there were whole days, probably even a few days in a row, when I did not write at all.

I am now running on a 566 day streak: in other words, it’s been well over a year-and-a-half since I missed a day. Now I sign up for the monthly challenge EVERY month, and haven’t missed winning that challenge either, during the last year-and-a-half. Of the often 700 people or more who sign for the monthly challenge, approximately 1/3 of the group makes it through to the end of that month. Some drop out on the first day, others — heart-breakingly — wait to mess up their streak until the last week of the month, or even the last DAY.

Your writings are available for you to access any time you want, though they are closed to everyone else, so you won’t “lose” anything you’ve written. Ever, according to them. They have an interesting run-down at the end of each of your sessions that gives you all kinds of information about your writing: what mood you were in, the weather that day, which of the senses you used most, whether you wrote mostly about the past, present, or future, which words you used most often, etc. They also keep a running total of how many words you’ve written from your first day on. (I’ll be coming up on 1,000,000 words before very much longer — who knew?) It’s a fun, easy way to examine your own writing in ways you’ve perhaps never thought of before.

Need a new challenge, coupled with new ways to examine your output? I cannot recommend this site often enough, or strongly enough. Give it a try. It won’t cost you ANYTHING but your time for up to a month. And MAYBE it will help you reach your writing goal for the day. Every day!