Keeping Writing Simple

Last week, a package arrived in the mail that I was very excited about. It held what is essentially a floating keyboard for distraction free writing (mine’s called a Neo). And let me tell you, this device has changed my life.

These days, we have so many writing programs and devices to help us in our trade. We use tablets, laptops, desktops, phones, and it’s wonderful. But I’ve found such a joy in this lonely keyboard, because it brings writing back to its roots of simplicity.

I love being able to focus on the words and only the words. Writing a story is like building a relationship. Quality time, away from distraction, is vital.

When I first became involved in the writing community, I discovered sprinting, and I found that I was ten times more productive when I simply sat down and focused on the words. These days, that’s still the case. When I’m not thinking about the number of pages and the word count, as my Neo allows me to do, I can fly through the writing process without worry – and it turns out well. I’m always surprised at how many words I’ve produced while not paying attention.

Everyone has a different writing process, and this may not work for everyone, but it’s certainly worked for me. Two weeks ago, I didn’t even know that the Neo existed, and it’s already become my most treasured tool. We truly never know where discoveries will take us.

My point is, taking writing back to its simplest form has helped me a great deal. Whether you do that with a special device or a different mindset, I strongly encourage it. Write without worry. Write without feelings of obligation. Write without thought of how much you’re writing. Just write. It works.

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