Stories and the heart

I’m nearly late with my post for this week. I meant to get it up earlier. I really did. But life got in the way. A rough day at work, followed by a bunch of cub scouts in no mood to cooperate left me feeling empty inside. I needed to refill the tank, so to speak, before I could even begin to think about what I could say here that could make any difference.

So I turned to one of my favorite stories. It’s a story of men and women of honor and integrity fighting the darkness against impossible odds, not because they had any idea how they might win, but because that battle had to be fought. If they didn’t fight, no one else would.

It’s not an uncommon story, but it’s one I’ve found to be told in a manner particularly poignant to me. That story is captured in the five-year cycle of the sci-fi series Babylon 5.

You likely have stories that you turn to as well when life get tough and the emotional/spiritual tank runs low. That’s the power of stories–they can lift us up, inspire us, help us to keep going when sometimes it feels like it might be easier to just give up.

I might even go so far as to say that for many of us it’s the power of such stories that made us want to be writers. It’s certainly my hope to someday write stories that will be for someone else what Babylon 5 and other stories have been for me.

Never forget the power of stories to heal, to inspire, to strengthen, to motivate, and, yes, entertain. Any one of this is reason enough to be a writer.

Thom Stratton

About Thom Stratton

Thom is a Utah transplant, works for a regional bank, and spends his lunch hours working on his latest novel. His wife, three kids, and four pets find him amusing and somewhat useful, so they keep him around.