Have You Ever Been to a Publishing Conference?

Guest Post by Cindy M. Hogan

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Cindy M. Hogan is inspired by the unpredictable teenagers she teaches. More than anything she loves the time she has with her own teenage daughters and wishes she could freeze them at this fun age. If she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her snuggled up with the love of her life watching a great movie or planning their next party. Most of all, she loves to laugh.

She is the bestselling and award winning author of the Watched trilogy, a YA suspense series with a dash of romance. She has since branched off to write a mystery, Gravediggers, that won Best YA novel of 2013, a contemporary romance, Sweet and Sour Kisses, and three in a spy series, Adrenaline Rush, Hotwire, and Fatal Exchange. Her newest action/adventure novel, Kate Unmasked (Code of Silence: Book 1) is now available. She also has two novellas, The Descension in the Strange and Lovely anthology and Dangerous Truth in the Sweet and Sassy: Castle Collection

Have you ever been to a writers’ conference?

Any writer who wants to up his game and become a better writer will most surely tell you that going to a writers’ conference was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. I went to my first writers’ conference almost seven long years ago and I’d have to concur, it did change my life- my writing life. I was a German teacher at the time and this writing thing was all new to me.

Since then, I’ve continued my education by attending more conferences and workshops specifically for writing. And I’m  definitely a better  writer for it. But, here’s the million dollar question…

Have you ever been to a publishing conference?

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The answer to this question by most people will be no because it is a fairly new phenomenon. I’ve attended two, one in New York and one in Utah and they have been full of information every author today should know.

What kinds of things do they teach at publishing conferences?

Everything you need to know about publishing for the beginner to the advanced indie publisher, including stuff like:

  • Formatting
  • Cover design
  • How to get reviews
  • Marketing galore
  • How to make teasers
  • How to make and use ads for the best return
  • The latest and greatest
  • The psychology of writing
  • Business taxes
  • Contracts
  • Foreign rights
  • Audio

And, and, and..

On top of all those how dos, you also get to meet and learn from people who run big businesses like Bowker (where you get your isbns), Smashwords and Draft 2 Digital (indie distributors), Nook reps, Amazon reps, iTunes reps, Ingram reps AND industry leading authors who do so well your toes might curl.

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The great news is that the next one is coming to Utah in 2017! It is the biggest indie-publishing conference in the  world. It’s called iPublish. I’m so excited about this, I can hardly contain myself. AND right now they have early bird pricing. It’ll be here before you know it and by joining the fun, you will be empowered to have the best publishing experience possible.

Check out iPublish in all these places: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Google+

What kinds of classes and opportunities would you like to see at a publishing conference? What might keep you from going to a publishing conference? 

Cindy M. Hogan 

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