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Welcome to Forever Writers website, your perfect companion in helping you develop your writing.

Another day, week, month or year has passed, and still you’ve made no progress on your writing goals. You’re doing a lot of effort to make it better, you’ve been writing the whole day in every place where you want it to be done. Funny, but even your garage door in Tampa is one of your favorite places to do your writings. But deep down, you know your writing is important, but you can’t make any consistent action to make it better.

What is really happening to your writing? The only truth is, you don’t feel inspired. You can’t help but persist to try and be a good writer like Nicholas Sparks, J.K Rowling and even Shakespeare though you find that hard to achieve.

How do you get in their position? Actually, you can’t replace them but you can be one of them by having an inspiration and motivation. How do you find the inspiration and motivation you need to stay the course long enough to become the productive, well-desired, and successful writer you dream of becoming?

All you have to do is learn to inspire yourself every single day if you want to turn professional and become a most well-desired author or successful writer. To keep your inspiration fresh, you’ll have to find various unique ways to get inspired. One of these is having conversations with your fellow writers to keep you motivated and inspired by them.

Forever Writers is a friend who can give you such things. Talk to us, join our discussions with the experts in writing. We are in a mission to help other writers to enhance their skills. We too, are learning in this process because we’re going to share our thoughts and ideas in writing and we are giving advice on how to inspire and motivate you in pursuing your writing for you to become successful. Plus, one of our staff can give you a chance to make your work published. Yes, you heard it right. He owns a publishing house and he gives members of Forever Writers opportunities to work with him.

Our services are absolutely free. Just register for us to know who are the official writers here. Official writers who register in our website are the only ones who have the chance to connect with our professional writers. Registered writers will receive news and notifications of the schedule of discussions with professional writers and the ability to access posted articles on the blog tab by the staff of Forever Writers. Every day, we leave notes in our homepage, words of encouragement and motivational quotes for you to be inspired every day before writing.

We do weekly discussions with our staff who are professional writers including registered members. It’s fun and exciting because you get to know the experts and their secrets to success. They will teach you to improve your craft.

Register now, be a member of growing the Forever Writers website, join our discussions, meet other writers, and read the blog. So, you can be one of them.

Thank you.

Motivate yourself in writing

Our member writers here have submitted their testimonials on their experiences in using or participating here in the Forever Writers website.

These are the past and current testimonies of our members:

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how grateful I am to have Forever Writers in my life and how thankful I am for all of your help and support. —Trisha

Though I have had writing experience for years, I never had a good way of sharing them to other people or expressing myself more. When it comes to that step, I would research and read but still can’t have a clear sense of where to put words. Forever Writers provided just what I need. One of their partners owns a publishing company and he liked my work. I am grateful that they helped me. Thanks to their efforts, I now have published my work. —Daniel

Thank you so much for all your effort in giving us words of encouragement and for your advice to enhance our writing skills. Every time we have discussions, I do really enjoy it because that’s the time we have a chance to communicate with the experts. It’s really heart-warming. —Bridget

Forever Writers never fails me to get the pieces of advice that I want. You inspire me a lot when it comes to writing. Even though you’re not accepting any fees, still you are doing your best to help us improve ourselves in writing. I am grateful to have you in my life. —Sophia

You have helped me so much. Your efforts in motivating and inspiring writers are all I need. Plus, giving us a chance to publish our work is one of the things that I really appreciate so much. This kind of service without collecting any fees is the kind that needs to receive a salute from us. Thank you so much. — Brandon

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