I know you want to be confident about what Forever Writers can do before trusting us with something as personal as your writing. I also know that it’s difficult to get to know an organization via a website.

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions:

—How can I get the real information from Forever Writers?

Connect with us. We are here and available to answer all your questions. Just send us an email. Our email address can be found in the contact us section of this site. You can also read the testimonials of our old and new members here.

—Who exactly works for Forever Writers?

We are directly working on this, we are experienced and have knowledge in writing. We have diverse backgrounds. Some of us came from and started our careers in the publishing industry. One of our partners has his own publishing company. Some are editors of literary books and magazines.

But, as much as it’s important that we have experience in publishing, what may be more important is our mission to help you and motivate you in developing your writing skills.

—Can I talk to someone who is a Forever Writers staff?

Definitely yes, you are allowed to talk to any of us. In fact, all of us are having weekly discussions here in Forever Writers. You are not exempted because including you is part of the discussion. Every new writer can expect to have a conversation with one of us.

—How much money do I need to participate in Forever Writers?

It’s absolutely free! Forever Writers is not collecting any amount of cash for you to take advantage of our services. It is our mission to connect with other writers and motivate and inspires each of you to enhance your skills.

—Do you know how to publish a book?

Fortunately, yes because one of our partners owns a publishing company. He can review your work and give you a chance to publish it, if he approves it.

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