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Who’s Chas and How Did He Get So Awesome?

ChasChas Hathaway’s secret to an rockin’ life is to marry awesome, have boat-load of kids, and eat lots of parmesan cheese covered popcorn. Oh, and live the gospel of Jesus Christ, completely and passionately.

Chas is the author of Scripture Study Made Awesome, and Marriage is Ordained of God but Who Came Up With Dating? He has also composed several new age piano and world music albums, with a special emphasis on the hymns. Chas Hathaway is an author, musician, husband, dad, and X-grave digger.

His  first book, Giraffe Tracks, a memoir of his missionary experiences in South Africa, was published in 2010.

Chas has been playing piano since 1994, and actively writing New Age piano compositions since 1996. He has long felt that the greatest factor in the influence of a piece of music is the intent of its author. He has also written numerous LDS Hymn arrangements, many of which are available in sheet music, including the favorite hymns, If You Could Hie to Kolob and Come Thou Fount.
So far, Chas has 5 albums out:
He Lives, released spring 2013
Fly, Released August 2012
Dayspring, 2007
While music and writing are his most time-consuming hobbies, he also enjoys gardening, inventing games, and most of all, spending time with his beautiful wife and adorable little kids.
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