James Duckett

ESJames2EditBWWEBAfter James Duckett wrote his first story when he was seven years old, he knew that he wanted to be a writer. Now, it’s at the top of the bucket list (right next to catching a World Series game with the Dodgers).

James is very shy around strangers, but once he gets comfortable it is nearly impossible to shut him up. DON’T GET HIM COMFORTABLE!!

He enjoys running, reading, all things tech, inspiring others, and catching a good movie. He’s finally kicked his online gaming habit, which enabled him to start writing again.

Join him on his writing journey on his blog: http://www.jamesduckett.com.


“Of all my first born children, he is my favorite.” -James’ Mom

“Since we dropped him on his head as an infant, he’s always had a face for radio. Podcasting is like the radio, but less cool, right?” -James’ Dad

“Huh? James writes? Well, don’t ever let anybody say that he doesn’t have no creativity.” -Marc, James’ boss (We’re still trying to figure out if this works in his favor or not)

“James is so awesome, I can’t wait to read all of his books.” -Some dude James paid five bucks to on the Internet

(There is a slight chance James needs to find new testimonials)


About James Duckett

James is a geeky, nerdy dude. He writes, sometimes. He blogs, sometimes. He's helpful to people, sometimes. He doesn't like to repeat himself, sometimes. He's funny... looking... always.

His hopes and aspirations of the future is to one day find a way that people will pay him while he sleeps. It is his dream job.


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